Homeschool Curriculum – New for 2018

I spent many months exploring my options until finally, I settled upon our new 2018 homeschool curriculum.

Big changes have been made to the way I homeschool, for a long time I’ve been drawn to the Waldorf approach but I felt like I needed to do a lot of research and explore all the available curriculums before I fully committed to Waldorf homeschooling.  I spent many months exploring my options until finally, I settled upon our new 2018 homeschool curriculum.

Why buy a curriculum?

This is actually the first time I’ve ever bought a curriculum, previously I had been creating my own with the aid of the Ambleside Online website.  The reason I wanted to buy a homeschool curriculum this time is that I just wanted to have all the lessons laid out for me, I have six different grades to teach and it was far too time-consuming for me to plan out so many different lessons.  It’s been so great to have the lessons all there ready to be used, its meant I’ve had more time to teach instead of plan.

Why Waldorf?

There are so many reasons I like the Waldorf approach.

  • I like the way the age of the child is considered not only educationally but also emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Each child is nurtured so they feel secure and they’re happy to be creative and expressive.
  • Young children are encouraged to copy their mother rather than being sat down at a desk and told to learn to read and write.  Children under the age of seven will copy and help their mother as they go about their day.  The mother will sing with the children and tell them many stories.  Imaginative play is encouraged.
  • I also like how a Waldorf way of life encourages the use of natural materials and discourages the use of unnatural materials.  I’ve always prefered my children to have wooden rather than plastic toys and wear clothes made from cotton/wool/linen rather than nylon/polyester so this fits in nicely with my lifestyle.  I’ve always been very conscious of living a life that is as non-toxic as I can.
  • Waldorf education is about finding a rhythm, each day has a familiar rhythm e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner times and certain lessons will fall into different parts of the day so the child feels secure in what is going to be happening.  Then there are many other rhythms such as the three-day rhythm, weekly, monthly, seasonally and it’s all gently observed and appreciated.
  • A Waldorf education fits your location, nature walks are a daily part of life and natural things from your environment can be incorporated into your life e.g. leaves, acorns, twigs, shells, stones.  This way a child learns to observe their environment and learns how it changes seasonally, they also learn how to be creative and appreciate and care for their environment.

Why the Earthschooling curriculum?

Again there are many answers to this question.

  • There’s really good information on how to be a Waldorf teacher, it really helps you train to be able to teach the lessons correctly.  There’s teaching advice on everything, from how to paint, maths, singing, telling stories etc.
  • I like the way the lessons can all be easily adapted to wherever you happen to be in the world.
  • I wanted a homeschool curriculum where the lessons were all planned out on a daily basis.
  • I like that Earthschooling is the only Waldorf curriculum that offers eurythmy classes.
  • I like that the pentatonic and soprano recorder lessons are included.
  • I like that there are lots of video lessons by Waldorf teachers.
  • I really like the way you can immediately start printing out your curriculum once it’s purchased rather than wait for it to be shipped.  Also, shipping costs a lot as does import tax so I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for that.  Some curriculums I researched would let you download it but not print it, that didn’t suit me as I don’t like to use screens too often and I prefer having a physical copy of the curriculum.
  • There aren’t any books that need to be purchased.  Earthschooling has its own online vintage library so all the books can be read on there or printed out.  I still love books but it’s good to know I don’t have a ton to buy each year, I can just buy the ones I love.
  • Earthschooling has curriculums available from preschool all the way to 12th grade.
  • Monthly curriculums can be purchased and then if you like them you can purchase the full year and be reimbursed for the monthly curriculum that you originally bought.  Also, there’s a lifetime family package so you can get all the grades and download and print it as many times as you like.  Whenever they add something new to the curriculums you will be able to access that too.
  • The Earthschooling customer service is excellent and you will always get a quick response to any query you may have.
  • There are so many other interesting courses available such as reflexology, iridology, herbology and so on.

I decided to buy the family lifetime package because I have lots of different grades to teach, I’ve had a good look through it all and I’m extremely pleased with it all.  We’ve been doing lessons from the Earthschooling homeschool curriculum for a couple of weeks now and we are all really enjoying it.  My older daughters who used to not be very keen on maths are now finding it really interesting and it is making much more sense to them now so that’s been fantastic.  The children also love how creative everything is and how the history lessons come to life with all the stories, the pictures they are doing, the sewing, cooking, carpentry and so on.  It’s all been great and I highly recommend it.

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If you would like to hear more about my thoughts on this curriculum then you are welcome to watch the video below.

Lots of love,

Alexandra x


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