How to Make Traditional Bone Broth


How to make traditional bone broth with many health and anti-aging benefits.

Bone broth has so many health benefits and anti-aging benefits, there’s a whole book dedicated to the subject with some great bone broth recipes too, it’s called Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World.  Bone broth can be made very easily and will only cost a few pennies, if you buy organic bone broth in the supermarket it will cost you about £6 for 500ml whereas I can make 4 litres for less than £1.  I don’t use any fancy equipment, no slow cooker or anything like that, I simply use a big pot on my hob.


You can use the bones left over from the meals you’ve made, I just put mine in a freezer bag and pop into the freezer until I have enough to make a batch of bone broth.  My big cast iron pot will hold the bones of four chicken carcasses if they’re chopped up, you don’t have to chop the bones if you don’t want to.  It doesn’t matter if the bones are raw or cooked.IMG_5151

Here’s what you need
  1. Put as many bones into your pan as you can fit in.
  2. Sprinkle with apple cider, shake it about to cover, leave for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Put in enough filtered water to cover the bones.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Bring to the boil.
  6. Skim off the scum.
  7. Turn down to a very light simmer with lid slightly off for about six hours.
  8. Ladle into sterile glass jars, leave a gap of 2-3cm at top
  9. Leave to cool to room temperature with lids off.
  10. Put lids on and store in the fridge or freezer.

You can store the bone broth in the fridge for up to five days or you can store it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.  I like to drink a nice mug of bone broth every day at this time of year, I add plenty of sea salt and sometimes poach an egg in it which is delicious.  It has such a longlasting warming effect so it’s excellent to have before a cold walk, you’ll be so warm.


Bone broth can also be used as a stock, a gravy, it can be added to soups, casseroles, stews and so much more.

I’d love to know, in the comments below, if you have tried making bone broth and your favourite way to use it.


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  1. Honey Mercer
    23/01/2019 / 15:53

    I haven’t made bone broth before but I absolutely love it, especially yours! 💓

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