How to Make Organic APPLE CIDER VINEGAR from Scratch

Did you know it is so ridiculously simple to make your own organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) and is so extremely inexpensive it’s almost free!  They’re just some of the reasons I no longer buy ACV.  Homemade tastes better too!!

There are an abundance of benefits to taking ACV, I won’t bore you with them all, I’ll just tell you some of my favourites:

  • improves gut health
  • helps with weight loss and reduction of belly fat
  • stops heartburn
  • makes hair shiny
  • regulates blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes

Oddly enough I also discovered that ACV makes a great substitute when you’re making guacamole and you’ve run out of lemons and limes, just thought I’d put that out there, you just never know when you might be in that predicament!!

The reason it’s so cheap to make your own ACV is because you can use the cores from the apples you and your family have eaten, just give the core a rinse and pop into a freezer bag, add future cores and peelings to the bag until you have enough to fill a jar.  Also, you can pick apples that are growing near your home, we have lots of crab apples that grow near us and they are far too tart to eat but just perfect for making ACV.

Want to make your own ACV?

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Put the apples/cores/peelings in a jar leaving about an inch at the top.
  2. Mix 1 cup of water to 1 tablespoon of sugar, pour into jar until apples are submerged. If more sugar-water is required then mix another cup of water with another tablespoon of water.
  3. Place a weight on top of the apples to keep them submerged.
  4. Put the cheese cloth/muslin on top of the jar and secure in place with the elastic band/string.
  5. Place jar in a cool dark place e.g. larder/pantry for 3 weeks.
  6. Remove apple pieces, replace cheese cloth/muslin and leave for another 3-4 weeks.
  7. Place lid on jar.
  8. Your ACV is now ready to be used. 

What do you use ACV for? If you try making your own I’d love to hear how you get on!


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