Falling behind in homeschool and how to catch up without being stressed out

We all face circumstances that at one time or another challenge our homeschool routine, it might be that someone in your household has been ill, maybe you’ve moved or perhaps it’s any one of a whole host of other reasons. Take heart! Don’t panic, there are a few things we can do to catch up in an easy stress-free way.

For me personally, I have fallen behind with some of the work for some of my children.  This past year has been particularly challenging for me, I’ve had my eighth baby and suffered with a bit of postnatal depression.  When I look back at the past year it all seems a bit foggy and I’m not sure how the time has passed so quickly.  I feel as though I’ve been chasing my tail!

Just recently things have started to feel a bit better and I feel like I’m starting to get a grip of my life once again.  I know I want to be better at homeschooling and indeed I did used to be, I feel like I can do much more so the first thing I want to do is catch up with any work we’ve fallen behind on.

Three part strategy for catching up

Bedtime reads

I educate my children using the Charlotte Mason method and this involves lots and lots of reading.  There were a lot of books I had planned on reading with the children and sadly some of these books we have fallen behind in so I have started to use their bedtime as a way to catch up.  For example, last night we finished reading the Robin Hood book that we had started for our literature lessons.  My sons are aged five and eight and they absolutely loved that book.  For bedtime reads I will also finish off reading The Burgess Animal book, the Marco Polo book and any other books we haven’t quite managed to finish yet.

Summer projects

There are lessons that I almost completely neglected last term, these are the lessons that I felt weren’t so important such as nature study, art appreciation, music appreciation and so on.  Basically all the fun lessons were left to fall by the wayside as we just stuck to the basic English, maths and science.  To catch up I am going to create some fun projects for all the children and me to do together during the summer. The children will not even realise we’re working!

10 minute daily lessons

We have even fallen behind in maths.  We always seem to be doing maths but somehow or other we’ve got a little bit behind so I have planned that during the summer holidays I will get my son to continue finishing off his maths book by doing ten minute lessons each morning until the book is complete.  We’ll do the lessons straight after breakfast, that way it will be over and done with nice and quickly so the rest of the day can be enjoyed doing all those fun summer holiday activities.

Have you ever fallen behind with homeschooling?  Did you panic?  Did you make sure you caught up before moving on?  What are your top tips on catching up in a stress-free way?


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